Ishcus Quiet Assassin

Ishcus Quiet Assassin

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  • Maine Coon Ireland Cat Breeder

Assassin is the newest family member. Black-silver is my favourite cat colour and when his litter was born I had no choice, I was smitten! I was hoping to add his sister to the pack, the most obvious choice for keeping Franklin entertained. However, when I met him in person, he conquered my heart instead and he had to come live with us. He has the most gentle personality, and he is a real lap cat, constantly cuddling with his humans and cat friends alike. With as many cats as I have, he was the perfect match as he does not have a dominant personality and hence, he fit into my group right away. Like Casper, he has a great sense of fun and you cannot deny that both of them are closely related. Both, Assassin and Casper, get on like a house on fire and Sassy Sassin, as we call him, follows his big cousin Casper everywhere he goes.

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