Caramellocoon Edgar

Red-silver classic tabby with white (ds 03 22)

  • Caramellocoon Edgar
  • Caramellocoon Edgar
  • Caramellocoon Edgar

Mel as we call Caramellocoon Edgar in short hails from the Czech Republic. When I was looking for a new male to join our team I contacted a breeder I had admired for years: Libor Sula. Libor sent me photos of Mel and without any hesitation I fell head over heels for little Mel and a couple of weeks later I went on a trip to Prague to collect him. Mel is absolute perfection. He has correctly set ears, a square and strong muzzle, a square big head and a deep chin with a correct bite. He has a fantastic high silver and a super quality to his fur. Thanks so much again dear Libor for this treasure.

Health Information:

  • HCM echocardiogram screening: due summer/autumn 2023
  • Hip Dysplasia Screening: due summer/autumn 2023
  • Genetic tests: SMA n/n, PKDef n/n, HCM n/n
  • FIV / FELV negative

Caramellocoon Edgar’s pedigree, also here on Pawpeds: